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Clearwater Scrubbers


Clearwater Scrubbers

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Algae Turf Scrubbers

An algae turf scrubber is a water filtration device that uses algae to remove contaminants and excess nutrients from your aquarium water. Algae naturally consumes harmful contaminants including nitrites, nitrates, ammonia and metals in the water like copper. Left untreated, these compounds can lead to harmful algae outbreaks and upset the chemical and bacteria balance in the water causing sickness and death in fish, corals and invertebrates.

Algae scrubbers work by passing water over a rough, highly illuminated surface inside the scrubber. This promotes the rapid and dense growth of beneficial algae within the scrubber. This controlled growth consumes excess nutrients from the water. The resulting algae in the scrubber can then start to filter contaminants out of the water.

A properly functioning algae scrubber will help to reduce fish tank maintenance, control nutrient levels in the water and help to clarify the water.

Algae scrubbers are a natural and chemical-free way of purifying water and helping to maintain a healthy environment in your aquarium.

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