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Aqua-Pics is an Australian manufacturer of premium quality aquarium water conditioners and buffers, fish food, aquarium filter media, chemical treatments, aquarium accessories and more.

Founded in 1995 in Melbourne by avid fish keep Scott Haymes, Aqua-Pics provides a wide range of speciality, Australian-made aquarium water conditioners, buffers and treatments including aquatic mineralisation, pH controlling agents, freshwater and marine supplements and filter minerals.

The Aqua-Pics range of conditioners and buffers are specially designed to cater to specific types of fish, providing them with the essential nutrients and water conditions they need to thrive.

Aqua-Pics products are premium quality, Australian-made and come with detailed instructions to help you create the optimal conditions that your fish need.

At Aqua Express, we stock a wide range of Aqua-Pics products including their specialty water conditioners and buffers, water treatments and chemicals, filtration media and more.

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Aquarium Accessories

We also offer a wide range of aquarium supplies online at the best prices in town. Whether you’re looking for fish tanks for sale, fish tank heaters or lighting, aquarium air pumps or anything else, you’ll find it at Aqua Express.

We stock a full range of aquarium filters including canister filters, sponge filters, and chemical and biological filters, protein skimmers, algae turf scrubbers and more.

We supply only the best quality brands like Fluval and the complete Seachem range including Seachem Stability, Purigen and more.

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From fish tanks to aquarium lighting, UV sterilisers pumps, filters and more, you’ll find everything you need for your aquarium at Aqua Express. We offer expert advice and fast and friendly customer service. Shop online now at Aqua Express.

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