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Fish Tank Heaters and Thermostats


Fish Tank Heaters and Thermostats

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Fish Tank Heaters

Fish tank heaters are vital for ensuring your tank remains within the optimal temperature range that your fish require. Tropical fish require stable water temperatures usually between 24°C and 27°C, although this will vary depending on the type of fish.

To ensure that your aquarium remains within the correct temperature range, you need a good-quality fish tank heater. We stock a range of premium and professional quality heaters and temperature controllers designed specifically for tropical fish aquariums.

The Schego titanium heater is incredibly durable, precise and energy efficient. It is manufactured to the highest safety standards and designed to be salt water resistant. This heater can be fully submerged or partially submerged without affecting its functionality. Combined with an Aqua Logic or Inkbird temperature controller, you can expect years of trouble-free and energy efficient aquarium heating.

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Full Range of Aquarium Accessories

At Aqua Express, we offer a full range of aquarium supplies and accessories. Whether you’re looking for fish tanks for sale, fish food, aquarium lighting, air pumps or wavemakers, we can help. We stock a wide range of aquarium filters including canister filters, sponge filters, protein skimmers, algae turf scrubbers and more.

We also supply a wide selection of aquarium water conditioners and treatments including Seachem Stability, Purigen, Prime and more.

We stock only the best quality brands including Aqua-Pics, Fluval, Seachem and Schego.

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