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Lighting & Mounts


Lighting & Mounts

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High-quality aquarium lighting is important for a number of reasons. It helps to enhance the aesthetics of the aquarium, lighting up the tank and highlighting the fish. But it does much more than that.

Fish tank lighting is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for your fish and plant life. A good light system is important to recreate the natural sunlight conditions needed for the healthy growth and life cycle of the fish, plants, coral, bacteria and any other life in your aquarium. Light provides the photosynthetic energy needed for plants to grow and to release oxygen into the water.

When it comes to aquarium lighting, you need a steady light source that doesn’t give off too much heat. The most popular aquarium lighting types are fluorescent and LED lighting. These provide brighter and longer lasting illumination than standard incandescent lighting, while giving off less heat. Since fish are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, it’s important to have a light source that won’t give off too much heat or disproportionately heat the water near the light source.

At Aqua Express, we stock a wide range of aquarium lighting including LED and fluorescent aquarium lighting in a range of sizes, configurations and intensities.

Not sure what type of lighting is best for your aquarium or your fish? Drop us a message and one of our friendly team will get back to you with the expert advice you need.

Aquarium Accessories

At Aqua Express, we supply a full range of specialty aquarium accessories direct from the distributors. Whether you’re looking for fish tanks for sale, tropical fish food, fish tank heaters, aquarium air pumps or water conditioners or treatments, we can help. We also stock a full range of aquarium filters including canister filters, sponge filters, biological filters and more.

Browse our range of aquarium supplies online today. Whether you’re setting up a new aquarium or just stocking up on the essentials, you’ll find what you need at Aqua Express.

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At Aqua Express, we supply only the best quality fish tanks and aquarium accessories from the most trusted brands in Australia. We offer expert advice and fast and friendly customer service.

From fish food to fish tanks and everything in between, shop online now at Aqua Express.

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