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Aquarium Filter Media


Aquarium Filter Media

  • Jap Matt Filter Media
    Jap Matt Filter Media
  • Seachem Matrix 250ml-4L
    Seachem Matrix 250ml-4L
  • Seachem Matrix 20L
    Seachem Matrix 20L
  • Bulk Seachem Matrix 100L
    Bulk Seachem Matrix 100L
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Filtration is vital for the health of your aquarium. A good aquarium filter will remove particles and contaminants from the water, leaving it clear, clean and free from impurities.

At the heart of any good aquarium filter is the filter media. Your water filtration will only be as good as the media in the filter. Different types of media are used to create specific environmental conditions in your aquarium. Filter media can be broken down into three basic types:

  • Mechanical (or physical)
  • Biological
  • Chemical

Mechanical or physical filter media strains particles from the water. This includes fish excrement, food particles, debris and sludge. Mechanical filtration is a purely physical process that doesn’t affect the chemical composition of the water. Physical media can include sponge filters, foam blocks, filter floss and micron filter pads. This type of filter media needs to be regularly cleaned or replaced to ensure optimal working conditions.

Biological filtration naturally removes ammonia and nitrates from the water, helping to promote a healthy bacteria balance. Biological media can include protein skimmers and algae turf scrubbers.

Chemical filtration removes chemical impurities from the water by binding and removing the dissolved chemicals. The most common chemical media are activated carbon and resins.

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