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Seachem Stability


Seachem Stability

  • Seachem Prime 50ml-1000ml
    Seachem Prime 50ml-1000ml
  • Seachem Stability 50ml-1000ml
    Seachem Stability 50ml-1000ml
  • Seachem Neutral Regulator 250g
    Seachem Neutral Regulator 250g
  • Seachem Clarity 100ml-325ml
    Seachem Clarity 100ml-325ml
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For over 40 years, Seachem has been manufacturing a premium range of water conditioners, fish food, filtration media, specialty fish tank accessories, and much more. At Aqua Express we stock a wide range of Seachem water conditioners and filtration treatments including Seachem Stability, Purigen, Clarity and more.

Seachem Stability

Seachem Stability is a specialty new tank stabilisation system designed to quickly establish a biofilter in freshwater and marine aquariums, helping to prevent new tank syndrome, the number-one cause of aquarium fish death.

Stability features a specialised blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria. This mixture helps to break down fish tank waste and harmful chemicals like ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Stability is designed to be completely harmless to aquatic life, with specialised bacteria strains that have been developed over a decade of research.

Other Seachem Products

We stock a range of other Seachem water treatments and conditioners including Neutral Regulator, Flourish Excel, Equilibrium, Clarity and Prime. These products can help with a range of water conditioning issues including:

  • Setting a neutral pH
  • Water softening/hardening
  • Stimulating photosynthesis
  • Establish ideal mineral content
  • Water clarifying
  • Removing toxins

Fish Tank Accessories

At Aqua Express, we offer a full range of aquarium supplies online. From fish tanks for sale to fish tank heaters and lighting and much more, we have everything you need to set up a professional aquarium. We stock a full range of premium filtration systems including canister and sponge filters, protein skimmers and algae turf scrubbers and more.

We supply only premium quality products from trusted brands like Fluval, Aqua-Pics, Seachem and many more.

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From fish tanks to aquarium lighting, UV sterilisers, pumps, filters and more, you’ll find everything you need for your aquarium at Aqua Express. We offer expert advice and fast and friendly customer service. Shop online now at Aqua Express.

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