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Fish Tanks


Fish Tanks

  • IVYPro Fibreglass Tank With Viewing Window
    IVYPro Fibreglass Tank With Viewing Window
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At Aqua Express, we supply a range of professional quality fish tanks for sale. We offer fibre glass tanks available in a range of sizes. Our tropical fish tanks and saltwater aquariums can be customised according to your requirements and tailored to your size specifications. Simply contact us online to discuss your requirements and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Made from the finest quality materials and build to precise specifications, our fibreglass fish tanks are designed for the serious aquarium lover. Manufactured from ultra-durable but lightweight fibre glass, these tanks are ideal for commercial use or professional displays. They are also suitable for the serious home fish fanatic. Designed for a lifetime of use, our tanks come with a generous manufacturer’s warranty.

All our fish tanks can be ordered online and are available for pick-up from our Melbourne warehouse.

If you are looking for a specific aquarium type, size or design, contact our friendly team online today. We can run you through the available options or help you source the exact fish tank you’re looking for.

We have extensive experience providing specialty fish tanks and aquariums to homes and businesses across Melbourne.

Aquarium Accessories

For the best range of aquarium supplies online in Melbourne, browse the selection at Aqua Express. We stock a full range of specialty aquarium accessories including tropical fish food, wavemakers, aquarium filters, protein skimmers, air pumps, heaters and temperature controllers, UV sterilisers and more.

If you’re looking for water conditioners and treatments, we stock a full range of Seachem products including Seachem Stability, Purigen and more.

Your Trusted Online Aquarium Shop

At Aqua Express, we supply only the best quality fish tanks and aquarium accessories from the most trusted brands in Australia including Fluval, Aqua-Pics, Seachem, Schego and more. We offer expert advice and fast and friendly customer service.

From fish food to fish tanks and everything in between, shop online now at Aqua Express.

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